Molenaar&Partners have successfully carried out a broad range of projects for various clients (in the Netherlands and International). Below you can find a summary of the projects we successfully realized. This overview is mend to provide an impression of what we can deliver. To protect the client’s interest we are not always free to give in-depth details of the projects. But you are always invited to contact us. We like to tell you more or to visit the reference projects together. Are you triggered to know more? Please feel free to contact us.


  • New business plan for industrial bakery group
  • New strategy plan and implementation for bakery equipment manufacturer
  • New strategy for client support center for ingredient manufacturer
  • Due diligence studies for mergers and acquisitions in the milling and baking industry
  • Coaching management of fast growing fresh food company
  • Coaching management of ICT company
  • Advice new supply chain concept for baked goods for retail chain
  • R&D strategy for flour mill


  • Project management for design new state of the art Industrial bakery (>100 tons output per day) for retail chain
  • Project management for development of new patented baking process
  • Project management for development of new products and production processes for bread and bakery goods for several bakeries international

Quality improvement

  • Improved production processes for bread and pastry production for several bakeries
  • Development of new recipes for bread production including based on ‘sourdough concepts’ and ‘organic ingredients’
  • Various audit programs for product and process optimization purposes

New business

  • Development and implementation of new business concept for retail chain (Donuts+Bagels
  • Development and realization of new bakeries (domestic and international)
  • Research and development business plan for Dutch bakery concept in Bangladesh, Bosnia and Croatia
  • Market research in England for (retail) in store bakery and bake off development
  • Market research in South Africa

Efficiency improvement

  • Various projects to increase productivity per FTE and output in bakeries and mills
  • Improved logistics in bakery/retail chains
  • Various production reallocation projects
  • Study to improve the supply chain of Baladi bread in Egypt for WFP and the Egyptian Government Ministery MOSS/Supply
  • Reorganization of Bakery Equipment Manufacturer


  • Development of education material for baking technology training etc.
  • Various management coaching projects (one to one)

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